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On November 30, 2017, LabCorp completed the acquisition of Colorado Laboratory Services. CLS clients will now have access to LabCorp’s expansive test menu and scientific expertise through our primary and specialty laboratories and its extensive participation in national/regional managed care contracts. LabCorp has a variety of electronic test ordering, result delivery and clinical solutions to meet the needs of clients, including accessing lab results from a mobile device, order/result and access trending tools through LabCorp Link. LabCorp also has bi-directional and uni-directional EMR and PMS interfaces with many different EMR vendors. Please visit if you have additional questions or inquires.

LabCorp ABN on Demand -

LabCorp Supplies – By Email:
By Fax: 720-568-4224

Contact Client Services Toll Free: 888-982-8701 Option 2, then 1

Do you have a bill for services prior to November 30, 2017 with the CLS logo? Contact the CLS Billing Department Toll Free: (800) 433-1583 or Click here to pay your bill online:

Do you have a bill for services on or after November 30, 2017 with the LabCorp logo? Contact the LabCorp Patient Billing Department Toll Free: (800) 845-6167 or click here to pay your bill online:
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